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Limitaions, is meaningless here.

a Subscription, to Bypass all Restrictions and create a Safe & Private Privacy on the Internet

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With one Click, be Wherever You Like!

Eliminate Restrictions of Exchanges & Websites, Annoying Local Filtering, Weak Ping, Insecure Connection, Geo-Restricted Services with Lebertad. With a wide network of servers around the world, choose your desired location. No matter where you connect, all servers are optimized to provide the most stable and fastest service.

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Unlimited Plans

Download and upload without limitations. This Packages is Suitable for those who have a High Volume of Downloads & Web Browsing.

Economic Plans

Why the Extra Cost? If you know your Internet Usage, don't Pay Extra & Get Metered Packages.

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Just start with a Arbitrary Name!

Up to 30 Days Free Subscription for New Users With add Email & Telegram Account

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